The Difference of Able Pet Treats


Look for quality rawhide for your special pup

Our R&D depart goes to great lengths to ensure that our rawhide chews are the absolute best. Made from premium beef hide, produced in China, our rawhide is manufactured in our factory we trust to adhere strictly to our approved manufacturing processes, and consistently live up to our high quality standards.

You can see Able Pet Rawhide difference

Our Premium Rawhide is better three ways:

  • Safe– Able Pet has an in-house testing laboratory and frequently performs tests on all of our products to maintain a high level of quality in both materials and workmanship. 
  • Recyclable – All of our product packaging is recyclable and non-pollutant, so please recycle when you can.Wherever possible we strive to reuse, recycle and reduce our impact on the environment.
  • Heavier and thicker– Our bones are heavier than the same-sized bones you can buy elsewhere. Because our bones are made from thicker hides and wrapped tighter, they last longer, provide the greatest chewing satisfaction, and are a better value. 









Wide Selections
We offer a large selection of quality rawhide chews. These include flavored varieties, dental treats. Some of the most popular include:

Chewing rawhide is safe, but it is always a good idea to supervise your pet. When your dog has chewed on a piece of rawhide to the point of it becoming soft, take the chew away and substitute another. It really does pays to satisfy your pup’s chewing instincts with a real, premium rawhide bone or chew. Whichever type of rawhide you offer your pet, he will find chewing it just plain.